Android M To Come This Year, Confirmed By A Google Executive

Image Courtesy: Google

Image Courtesy: Google

In a recent interview with a Google employee, it was confirmed that the Android M will release this year, before there were rumors that the Google M will be revealed in the Google’s I/O conference but now that it’s been confirmed that the sweetness of the M is coming towards us by the end of this year.

In an interview with Fast Company, Android’s Vice President of Engineering Hiroshi Lockheimer tells some details about the M and what Google has planned for the future releases. Here is what he said:

As we’ve grown as a platform, we realize that to some extent predictability is important for the whole industry: developers, manufacturers, operators, and consumers, frankly. So we’ve landed with sort of a yearly cadence of big releases, so, for instance, one year we release J, the next year we release K, and then the year after that L, and then this year we’ll launch M, and so you can predict what will happen next year.

We’re personally very excited for the Google I/O Conference & the release of Android M & also what we’ll see next year from Google Android.

Source: Android Authority