Future Smartphone Displays Will Hardly Consume Any Power


Bodle Technologies Display

Smartphone display suck up a whole lot of your juice, especially when you increase the brightness. Well, looking at it, Bodle Technologies might have the solution for this to make your smartphone’s display less of a battery hog. They’ve lately been busy developing such a material that virtually uses no power but still gives you a quality and vivid display, even in sunlight.

They have not shared their secrets of how they did it but still explained a bit about it, this technology sends electrical pulses to flexible, transparent layers, thus, decreasing the power consumption. This tech is still under development state and Bodle has still not disclosed the companies to whom they’ll be giving the production work but guesses are, the company would be fairly large.

They’re also used something they call “smart glazing” that lets the windows block heat and also filters certain kind of lights. This could be something both interesting and revolutionary, we’ll be covering more on this. Till then, tell us what you think about this in the comments below.

Via: Engadget

Source: Bodle Technologies, University of Oxford