Google Chrome For Android Got A Now On Tap Like Feature

Google Chrome Android

Image Courtesy: Phone-Probe

Google a few days back introduced a Now On Tap feature for the Google app, which is a very productive feature and also very effective, it is yet to come, it’ll be released with the upcoming version of Android, which is M. This Chrome feature is not available for everyone, it might be for some when you update your Chrome’s version to the latest one on Android. But we had the feature, so we decided to show you how it’s done and what it looks like.

Google Chrome's Now On Tap Like Feature


Here’s how it works: Suppose you are on a page and don’t know what it means, all you have to do is, just tap on that word and select it, on the bottom you will see a Google Now button, tap on it and it’ll pop up the details and stuff about it, as seen on the image above.

We are very happy to see Google make efforts on their apps and services, hope Google stays forever like this 🙂

Source: NDTV Gadgets