Google OneHub Gets An OTA Update With Few Tweaks And Improvements

Google OnHub Router

Image Credits: Digital Trends

The OnHub is really an awesome router by Google. It is really very powerful and has a plenty of features and also comprises some good specs for what you pay. It is manufactured by Asus and TP-Link and this is the first software update that it’s getting.

This update doesn’t bring anything very awesome, it’s just about some performance improvements and tweaks that have been found in the release notes of this update. Here is a list of what this update promises to bring to the users:

  • Improved client device naming
  • Antenna optimizations
  • Expanded use of 5GHz channels
  • Improved port forwarding performance
  • General stability improvements

The software version is now 7390.62.2, updated from the previous version, 7077.122.2. It is really a good thing that Google along with its phones, tablets, chromebooks, etc. is also caring about the OnHub router, nice work Google.

Via: Android Police

Source: Google Support