Google Plans To Launch A New AI-Powered Messaging App


Google HQ

According to a report by Wall Street Journal, Google after Hangouts, a messaging service, which did not get much popularity as compared to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp etc, Google is now planning to launch a new AI-powered messaging service to rival Facebook M.

For this new AI-powered Messaging service, Google is planning to integrate chatbots and other artificial intelligence to answer questions inside the app, just like “Natasha” on Hike if you’ve ever used it. Users will be able to text friends and the chatbot which will dig the web for the answer to that question, people have said.

It is for the time being unclear that what will be the name of the service or when will it be launched. Let’s hope that this upcoming service by Google gives a better result than Google’s Hangouts and Messenger and proves to be a worthy opponent among other messaging services.

Source: Wall Street Journal