How To Root Your Android


How To Root

Rooting is something that all of us Android enthusiast like. Well, now you’d ask “there are tons of how to root? posts and threads out there so, what makes this one so special?” Well, there are also like hundreds of ways to explain something and this is one of them. Saying that, let’s get started with the basics.

What is root?

Well, there comes another very frequently asked question, “what is root?” In simpler words, root is a higher privilege giving authority for your Android smartphone. The work of root is to give you access to some of the features and apps that neither your device manufacturer nor Google want you to have. And that is the reason why almost all of the manufacturers void your warranty when you root your phone.

What can rooting get me?

“What can root get me?” LOL. Ask what can root not get me. You can get get free in-app purchases, fake licence verification, update your OS by flashing ROMs, create a full Android device backup (images, call logs, contacts, media, settings, everything), do some hardcore changes, overlock and whatnot. Trust me, this is going to be the best thing you’ve ever done to your device.

What are the cons and hazards of rooting?

Well, in fact that rooting is very useful and takes your device to a whole new level, it also has some backfires. Rooting your phone is generally safe but sometimes, it can be a nightmare. So, the con of rooting is that it can get your phone’s warranty voided by the manufacturer and the hazardous part of rooting can be it can BRICK your android device or sometimes it could result in a partial or full loss of your data. Pretty scary? Yes it is, that’s why we recommend backing up your device, you’ll regret later.

OK, fine, now tell me how to root my device?

Alright, considering that you’ve already read about what is root and what are its pros and cons, we’ll proceed further on how can you root your device. This is just an example on how to root your device so, we’ll be using the famous “Kingo Android Root” just to show you guys how it’s done and in fact, this tool works on almost all devices.

Step 1

You’ll firstly have to enable USB debugging in your device, for that, go to “Settings”, from there you’ll see “Developer Options,” go there and then turn them on. After that, you’ll see an option, “USB Debugging,” tick that one too.

Note: Sometimes, the Developer Options are hidden, to make them visible, just go to “About Phone” and then tap “Build Number” a few times until it says something like “You’re a developer now.”

Step 2

Go to this page to download the “Kingo Android Root” tool on your PC and install it.

Step 3

Now connect your phone via a USB cable to your PC and if your device prompts you something like “Allow debugging from this device” then just hit “Yes.”

Step 4

After “Kingo Android Root” detects your device and checks the root status, just click “Root.” That’s all, now just sit back and relax and let Kingo Root do his work.


So, with that being done, congratulations, you’ve successfully rooted your device! Now you can take advantage of all the good li’l stuff that’ll make your life easier. Enjoy!

Do tell us what are your thoughts about rooting and if you encounter any problem while rooting your device, we’ll try our best to solve these problems.