OnePlus X Goes Invite Free In India Too!

OnePlus X Shelf

Image Credit: 9to5Google

A few days ago, OnePlus announced that the OnePlus X is going invite free, forever but till then but the same was not the case for India till then. But now, starting from today, the OnePlus X has been made invite-free in India as well. This has been done for all three variants of the device, Onyx, Ceramic and Champagne.

Some of you might wonder: “Why does OnePlus start with an invite system for every new device they launch and then end up removing it eventually?” Well, it is because OnePlus is not a huge company, and as far as I can guess, this is because when OnePlus launches a new device, it needs to manufacture more and more units to meet the demand, thereby, the invite system helps it maintain the demand and once they get enough units ready, they remove the invite system for that device because they know that the flow will be constant now.

Now that you won’t have to lurk around to get an invite for the OnePlus X in India, the question is, will you buy it now?

Source: Gadgets 360°