(Download It Now!) Remix OS Plugs Google Android Into Your PC, For Free


Remix OS

Ever wondered to get the extremely beautiful and feature-rich Android OS to fully run on your PC or Mac? Well, I know that there are third-party apps like BlueStacks, Andyroid etc. but they’re just some mere emulators but today, we are talking about Jide’s new Remix OS 2.0 which let’s you run Android on your PC and Mac but it’s not any kind of emulator or app, as the name suggests, it’s a damn Operating System!

The best thing about the Remix OS 2.0 is that it’s absolutely free and the company says that the Remix OS 2.0 can be stored on your USB drive and then you can take it anywhere and plug it in any kind of PC/Mac, even if it has old hardware. The OS will run a very customized version of the Android Lollipop and you can choose from the 1.6 million apps which you’d like to run on it.

Minimum requirements for the this is a USB 3.0 pen drive with FAT32 format support and a minimum capacity of 8GB and a recommended writing speed of 20MB/s and a PC that supports booting from a USB.

Now, talking about Jide, it is the only company behind Remix Mini which the company titles as “The world’s first true Android PC.” In brief, it is basically a $70 device that lets you run Android on your PC.

The company is going to release the x86 version of the Remix OS 2.0 on 12 January. It’ll be able to download from Jide and Android-x86 and as we mentioned above, it’s gonna be free!

UPDATE: The Remix OS is now available for download from the link we mentioned above, but do note that it’s in Alpha stage so, you might notice a bug or two in it.

Via: TheNextWeb