Samsung Galaxy Note 5 To Support USB Type-C

Galaxy Note 4

Image Courtesy: The Guardian

USB Type-C, which was introduced back in the Google I/O 2015 has become so popular in the world of Android in so less time, seeing its popularity, companies are trying to put it in every phone they are launching now because of it’s super charging and data transferring speed and that you can plug it in from any side, no up or down, just forget it.

We have been reported that Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will support it. At this moment, Type-C is featured on the new MacBook and the Chromebook Pixel 2 as we reported in the Google I/O 2015 Summary. We don’t know that when will the Note 5 launch, all we know is that USB Type-C is only supported in Android M and if the Galaxy Note 5 will launch after the Android M launch then it has the chances that it’ll have both Android M and USB Type-C but if before then we are not so sure that if it will feature even a single one of them.

We will update this thread and will report you guys of any other info. we get, till then, try to stay curious.