Sign In To Your Google Account With Your Phone On PC Without Password


Google Unlock With Phone

If you’re like me then you know that it is quite a hassle to remember like 10 passwords at a time so, to solve this problem (At least for your Google account), Google is working on a way that’ll make your life easier a bit by developing a feature that’ll let you login with your Android device and get rid of the mess that gets created in your mind while guessing the right password.

Now, not everyone has got to see this feature except this guy “Rohit Paul” and maybe a few other users so, it’s totally untested but by what we can see, it can be predicted that you’ll get an on-screen notification if you try to login to your Google account and then you can choose whether “Yes” or “No” from that popup.

This process also requires the user to choose and set this up, according to Rohit Paul, he got an email to opt-in into this program and then he had to authorize a compatible device which for him was the “Nexus 6P” as you can see above and then you’re good to go.

So, what do you think about this feature? Are you also one of the lucky people who’ve got to try this feature? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Via: AndroidAuthority

Source: Reddit