Skype Bug Which Crashes It On Windows, Android & iOS


Image Courtesy: Skype (Microsoft)

After the evil and deadly string that was discovered to be affecting iMessages app in the iPhones, a new bug has been discovered in the Skype. It has been affecting Skype on all platforms, Windows, Android and iOS. It is really deadly because it sends Skype to an endless crash loop.

This takes place you you send or receive “http://:” without the quote to anyone or from anyone. However in our case, when we tried to do this, this message wasn’t send (Do note that we have the latest version of Skype and we tested this on Windows). Maybe Microsoft has patched it but still, it may effect the users who have an outdated version of Skype so we recommend that users must update their app to the latest version if you don’t want to be the victim of this bug.

All we can say about it is that if bugs like this would encounter the IM apps like Skype and iMessages then we’re sure that it’ll effect a lot on the internet because IM apps are probably the the most important ways to communicate with people around the world.

Source: Engadget