Top 5 Apps To Root Your Android With Or Without PC


Top 5 Rooting Apps

We already told you all about root in the post before this on how to root your android device and now, we’ll be telling you the best apps to root your Android device safely. So, let’s get started:

1. iRoot (PC)

iRoot PC

So far, we think that this is the best app to root your Android device effortlessly and without a hassle. This has a very high success rate of rooting devices and it also does not trip KNOX and can also close Sony_RIC. It uses a chain of exploits to root your device and to install the SU binary.

You can download iRoot for PC from here.

2. Kingo Android Root

Kingo Root PC

This is the second best app to get your device rooted in our list. A very popular and powerful app with very high success rates, although, less than iRoot, that’s why it’s second on our list.

You can download Kingo Root here.

3. iRoot (Android)

iRoot Android

Now this is what we call a small package with a big boom. This is probably the best rooting software which doesn’t require PC and the high success rates tell us that.

You can download iRoot for Android from here.

4. Framaroot (Android)


Very trustworthy app, has a list of exploits that you can use to root your device with just one click. However, it only works with a limited no. of devices. See if your device is compatible here.

You can download Framaroot for Android from here.

5. SuperSU


This is by far the most trustworthy app for rooting according to me. It not only roots and installs the SU binary to your device but is also an awesome root permission handler for your device. We’ll recommend that you use this root handler because of its awesome features. However, it’s success rate for rooting apps is not too high.

You can download SuperSU for Android from here.


So there you go, the top 5 apps for rooting your device according to us. What do you think are the best rooting apps? Tell us that in the comments below.