Top 5 Stylus Tablets Out There


Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Tablets have an immense unrealized potential, but somehow it feels that the OEMs stopped making effort in this department. On the one hand, we have smartphones which are now coming out with SOCs having 6 GB of RAM, Deca Core architecture and ever increasing battery life; and on the other hand we are still forced to using tablets with mediocre technical specs. But, if you are looking for a decent tablet you will find a couple of good names. On the contrary, if you are looking for a tablet with a stylus, then we are afraid that the market decreases even further. There are only a handful of good stylus enabled tablets available out there and they currently cost a fortune. Nevertheless, let us review them briefly.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4
This is undoubtedly the most powerful tablet in the market today. But, the downside is that it comes in the same price range as your basic gaming setup. The base model will cost you $899 from the Microsoft store. Coming preinstalled with Windows 10 pro, this tablet uses the latest Intel processors to bring you raw power. You have a choice from between m3, i5, and even i7. The 267 ppi will provide an unparalleled HD experience. The stylus is on par with Wacom, but it does have to be purchased separately. The stylus (Surface Pen) is very pressure sensitive and is ideal for business. Additionally, if you want to go a step ahead, you can buy the type cover keyboard which will increase productivity even further. It is also excellent for running powerful Adobe Softwares.

iPad Pro

This will come as no surprise. After all, iPad is what started it all. This may not be the most powerful tablet out there, but one thing that Apple ensures is the overall user experience. The excellent FHD display is only second to Microsoft Surface Pro 4, at 264 ppi. What differentiates it from the rest is its excellent battery times and well-optimized performance. However, once again the stylus has to be purchased separately as well as the Type keyboard. If you are a fan of iOS and Apple products, then this is the right way to go. It is available at $799 without any of the accessories. The Stylus (Apple Pencil) will cost you $100 extra, but is definitely worth the price. iPad pro can be purchased for $849 from Groupon, you can get discount by using coupon code.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3
This is rather unfortunate as we have to include an old tablet, but Surface Pro 3 is still a very good contender if you want some serious juice. Being older than the previous lot, it uses the 4th Generation Intel processors. But the good news is that the Surface Pen is included in the bundle. It will cost you roughly around $599. Like its bigger brother, it comes with Windows 10 Pro and has been geared for Business and heavy usage. FHD display with good battery time will ensure that your work does not stop. The major downside is the design which isn’t the best in the market. The type keyboard can be purchased separately to maximize productivity.

Lenovo ThinkPad 10.1

This is another windows tablet. However, it does not come close to the Surface tablets in terms of raw power. Nevertheless, Lenovo’s tablet, geared towards heavy business usage, is pretty good for an all-rounder. It is also relatively affordable than the others starting at around $500. FHD screen with Intel Atom quad core processor will provide the base power to run Windows 10 Pro out of the box. The ThinkPad Pen Pro, a really good stylus, will give you good control over your options. Like with the previous options, a type keypad can be purchased separately for increasing productivity.

Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

This is the only android entry in the list, which is a bit sad. You will get full HD screen with the Samsung’s S pen being an essential part of the tablet itself. It has the traditional Octa Core processor, with 4 cores operating at 1.9 GHz and the rest operating at 1.3 GHz to save battery life. Depending on where you buy it, it can cost you from $400-500. Unlike stock android you can run 4 apps simultaneously in split screen mode. It offers excellent performance which is good for casual operation as well as business use, with a few additional accessories of course.

There are a couple of other options out there as well, but these are definitely the best of the lot. This list is for people who like to run heavy applications on their tabs. In fact, three of the tablets in the list can actually replace your laptop. There are less costly solutions for casual users available in the market. So, for example if note taking and multimedia is all you want, you can explore the Lenovo Yoga Tabs. Asus also has a range of affordable stylus tablets.
It is understandable why manufacturers are reluctant to fully commit to Tablets. After all, the market is not what it used to be. Microsoft’s Surface series is the only series which can provide raw power. But, the android tablet market has pretty much gone stagnant, especially if you consider the tablets which are compatible with stylus. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and see where this leads.