YouTube Gaming: A YouTube For Gamers, A Competitor For Twitch

YouTube Gaming

Image Courtesy: YouTube (A company of Google)

Yesterday only we posted an article about Google Lite and in it we said that Google always tries to do something new and innovative almost every month and saying that, we don’t regret it, Google is going to release a platform for gamers where they can live stream, just like Twitch but yeah, of course not Twitch, this is YouTube Gaming.

YouTube gaming will be launched be launched this summer in UK and US and is also said will have a dedicated page for popular games like LoL, Minecraft etc. and will have 25000+ pages like this. You can stream up to 60fps videos and live streams will automatically be converted to a YouTube video so that the people who missed the live stream can watch the live stream later as a video. Not only that much, you’ll also be able to create a single link where you can share for all your streams.

This will be available for all major platforms like Web, Android and iOS. They have a dedicated page for this, you can access it Here.

Source: YouTube Blog