Is Yung Gravy dating
Addison Rae's mom?

Who is Yung Gravy?

The 26-year-old is an American rapper
 who first gained recognition in 2017 on SoundCloud with his song, Mr. Clean.

Yung Gravy Net Worth is expected to be around $ 2 Million US in 2022

Secret Fact Of Mr. Clean

He is also known for his track Mr. Cleanwhich gerned over 59 million views on YouTube and more than 90 million streams on Spotify.

What is the real name of Yung Gravy?

His real name is Matthew Raymond Hauri, he is better known by his stage name Yung Gravy.

How tall is Yung Gravy rapper?

Yung Gravy is 6 feet 6 inch tall.

Here’s Why Yung Gravy Brought Addison Rae’s Mom to the 2022 VMAs

He also was arrested a couple of times for different legal issues.

Sheri, Addison's 42-year-old mother, was spotted sharing a kiss with her 26-year-old date.

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