Horoscope Today, 7 September 2022: Check astrological prediction

I am afraid that not everyone has your high standards. The only way to survive will be to accept that just for now the rest of the world is out of step with your lofty expectations.

Today’s powerful Moon piles on the pressure – and that’s a good thing! Everything depends on your sense of timing and it’s vital that you instinctively know when to stand firm and when to compromise.

Your resilience may be eroded, if only because you could do with a rest. Yet, there is much that you can do to help yourself, like standing aside from battles you can’t win. 

The Moon blazes brilliantly in parts of your chart best known for their influence over cultural, creative and artistic proclivities. Perhaps it’s time for a spot of self-improvement 

You’ll put the maximum effort into domestic and family relationships, perhaps because your instincts tell you that partners need to be placated. 

Your words of wisdom will be highly valued – for once. You could try to bring your clear approach to all tangled emotional problems 

Rather than concentrating exclusively on the details of your savings and bank balance, get to grips with the deeper issues. 

A spectacular relationship between Neptune and the Moon could soon set the cat among the pigeons. 

Don’t let all that current tension get to you physically. Why not spare a little thought for your body and see to it that your diet and exercise are exactly what is needed? 

I don’t think there’s any use in going it alone. Indeed, so powerful are the social trends in your solar chart that you may do best to abandon some of your own plans and fall in with others’ arrangements. 

A series of spectacular aspects is soon due to raise questions about your private life. In particular, it seems that either you have been reluctant to commit yourself 

This is now a period of maximum solar energy. You stand to benefit both personally and professionally, even though your mood may be a little unpredictable.