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Top 6 Best SEO Tools That Every Marketer Needs

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Alternatives to Semrush need to live up to a very high standard. Entrepreneurs and marketers praise Semrush for its unrivaled functionality and features. Legendary status has been achieved by their analytics reports, backlink audit reports, and keyword research toolbox.

Freelancers and startups that are merely searching for a keyword research platform or for an economical all-in-one marketing solution will find it difficult to justify the high cost of Semrush.

We have examined and evaluated the top 6 search engine optimization tools so that you can select the best Semrush alternatives that meet your needs and are within your price range. You are able to contrast their capabilities and costs side by side and choose the option that is the most suitable for you.


WASK is an all-in-one digital marketing program that seeks to remove all difficulties associated with publishing and managing advertisements on Facebook and Google.

As a result, it provides users with a number of tools that assist them in achieving better outcomes with their advertisements. 

One of those amazing features is WASK’s Competitor Analysis Tool, with which you may evaluate and contrast the website traffic and digital advertisements of your rivals. In addition, you are able to track backlinks and top-visited URLs, as well as conduct an analysis of the organic and paid keywords used by your competitors.

WASK provides customers with the option to select from three distinct price plans: Basic ($14/Monthly), Premium ($29/Monthly), and Professional ($49/Monthly). In addition, you have access to WASK’s Freemium Plan for a period of fifteen days.

Advanced Web Ranking

When it comes to alternatives to Semrush, AWR, also known as Advanced Web Ranking, reigns supreme. This fantastic tool works with any kind of gadget and is quite affordable. It has many useful functions. Any device, web browser, or operating system is compatible with AWR’s use, therefore you can use it without any problems.

AWR provides four different programs that range in price from $44 to $449 each month. These packages are titled STARTER, PRO, AGENCY, and ENTERPRISE (if paid upfront for a year).


Searchmetrics is an all-in-one tool that can perform SEO, SEM and PPC audits, site audits, and backlink audits. Keyword research is also included. In addition to that, they provide market analytics and integration with the cloud. In what ways does it differ from Semrush? This alternative to Semrush is an absolute necessity for every astute marketer because it possesses such a comprehensive set of features.


The next viable substitute for Semrush is a growth hacking tool called Serpstat, which is designed for content marketers and business owners. Position tracking, site auditing, rival keyword research, and backlink analysis are some of the services that they offer.

This software solution is offered at prices ranging from $69 to $499 a month, and there are four different pricing levels to choose from: Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise. You can also obtain access to their complimentary tool, which has sophisticated capabilities including analysis of your competitors.

Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner is the first free alternative to Semrush that we have on our list. Your Google Ads account already includes this totally free and user-friendly service that you may access at any time.

You can get extra discount on Semrush if you use the Semrush promo code while subscribing for their services.

In comparison to Semrush, how does it fare? The tool is more cost-effective than Semrush but it does not have the same level of functionality. It’s possible that their curated stats, which provide vague ranges rather than precise values, will cause your SEO team to scratch their heads.

Monitor Backlinks

Because of its comprehensive backlink audit and SEO analytics tools, Monitor Backlinks is a tough opponent for Semrush. 

These elements are what make Monitor Backlinks so effective. The user may get a bird’s-eye perspective of all the data they are looking for thanks to their user-friendly dashboard and their straightforward design. Therefore, in comparison to Semrush, it is among the best Semrush alternatives that are currently available.

The Start plan is their entry-level option, and it costs $25 a month to subscribe to it. You will be able to keep an eye on one domain, two competitors, 2,500 links, and 50 keywords at this pricing.

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