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Top Five AI Stocks in India| What is Artificial Intelligence | Artificial Intelligence Stocks 2024

five AI Stocks in India

Today, we will discuss five AI stocks in India that you should keep an eye on. But first, let’s understand what AI is, its significance, and why there’s so much excitement surrounding it. Then, we’ll delve into some more stocks.

what Artificial Intelligence is?

five AI stocks in India

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AI refers to the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines. In simpler terms, it involves machines mimicking human intelligence in computer systems. This capability enables machines to solve problems akin to human beings.

Now, we understand the fervor surrounding five AI stocks in India today. Technologies like Alexa, Siri, and Google Maps, which simplify our lives, exemplify the essence of AI.

Focusing on emerging technologies such as Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Robotics, Drones, and Virtual Reality. Happiest Minds aids client companies in image and language processing, helping them save both time and money.

The market capitalization of Happiest Minds stands at approximately Rs 12000 crore, with a trailing twelve months (TTM) value of 54 and a Return on Equity (ROE) of around 30%. The company has demonstrated an ROE exceeding 100% over the past five years.

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Here Five AI Stocks in India

Persistent Systems

Moving on from Happiest Minds, a Pune-based IT company. Persistent Systems leverages Klans, utilizing Wave Ray technology for advanced Mobile Edge Networking, enabling seamless client operations scaling and platform architecture prioritization.

The company boasts a market capitalization of around Rs 35000 crore, with a TTM value of 40. Over the last decade, Persistent Systems has sustained a median sales growth exceeding 17%.

Tata Group

The next player – Tata Elxsi, specializing in electronic application software and embedded systems. Tata Elxsi is renowned globally, catering to diverse sectors such as automotive, healthcare, communication, transportation, and broadcasting. With a market capitalization of around Rs 38000 crore, a TTM value of 53, and an ROE of 37.2% over the last five years, Tata Elxsi stands out for its innovative solutions and consistent growth.


Let’s now turn our attention to the global technology giant – Apple. Apple India’s stock is synonymous with cutting-edge solutions in marketing, fraud detection, digital marketing, voice recognition, and more. With 20 patents, six of which are in America, Apple excels in consumer engagement through mobile marketing and acquisition strategies. The company’s solutions leverage consumer behavior insights to tailor preferences, saving both time and money. With a market capitalization of around Rs 13000 crore, a TTM value of 51, and an upward trajectory in trade, Apple remains a formidable force in the market.

Oracle Financial Services

Lastly, in the financial services software realm, we have Oracle Financial Services Software Company, aiding clients in operationalizing their processes. Oracle’s solutions empower clients to customize experiences, optimize cash flows, automate receivables, payables, inventory, and procurement. These applications enhance sales conversions, candidate assessments, and employee engagement, while reducing human errors. With a market capitalization of approximately Rs 28300 crore and an ROE of 27%, Oracle Financial Services Software Company continues to provide robust solutions to its clientele.

Now, you may wonder how we selected these five AI stocks in India. Our criteria encompassed factors such as value, trading volume, track record, and growth potential of each company. If you found this video informative, please share it with your friends and family, and let us know in the comments if you’re interested in AI stocks in India. Stay tuned to discover which stock to invest in next.

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