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Reviewing The Best Subscriber Design Work 

best subscriber

Best Subscriber Design Work 

I’m not just looking at the most top upvoted of the past week. I’m going to look at the most top upvoted over the past year. The ones that we haven’t seen yet, the best work that You guys have voted yourself on the subreddit.

I’m going to have to do a bit of picking around to see which ones we haven’t seen before. Engineering cv writers will do this over memory. Okay, so this one with 166 upvote. “Cracked” logo concept. Eggcellent. Has anyone said that one yet? This looks amazing. Very well Eggsecuted

Enough Of The Yolks

Okay, so don’t understand the context behind this design. But it looks cool. Very nice. Works well. I guess it’s for a kitchen or some sort of Diner. I’m not too sure. One thing I like is the playful nature of it. Again, it’s legible. It’s understandable. I like the fact that the egg being cracked. One side of the Egg being cracked to C, one side of its D.

It’s very visually scalable as well. You can read it. It’s legible. Works all the way around, playful. I really like it. Again, great inspiration. for anyone else. Let’s look at some more comments first Before we go to the next one. Thought I’d give a little context. This was a fun logo to work on as I wanted to capture The energy of a cracking egg while still keeping the logotype clear and flexible. I think this logo could be used for our modern fast food chain.

Which Fits The Snappy Name

“Cracked” we’ve seen that one, seen that one, seen that one, that one, This next one that we haven’t seen yet with 128 upvotes. It’s a Solar Drop logo. I created this after watching Will’s blog on the Solar Drop brief. If you don’t know, a few months ago, maybe even a year ago We created a brief around Solar Drop. I’ll link the blog down below. So you can see that one. The one that we paid 5 designers. I think it’s really fun blog. You’ll enjoy it. Really like the brief, because of the futuristic and space-themed Direction. Yes, it’s my favorite direction to go in.

I don’t like the type. Reason being the type looked a bit cheap. It’s a very fine balance. I think in past blogs on Reddit I explained that having the logotype be looking futuristic is quite important. If it doesn’t look futuristic, then it’s kind of a looks cheap. But when you go into the more futuristic style of typography, It can look even more cheaper.

Best subscriber Redesigning The Logos

It’s a fine balance of like getting the right type, and It’s very hard to do without actually physically showing you. Which hopefully, in the next few blogs I will show you this. And those blogs are all about me going ahead and critiquing, but also redesigning some of these logos. So though, I love the icon. The icon works well. Looks really nice. I think the problem comes with the type. I really love this modern mock-up that’s happening here.

Look Really Nice

It looks like something out of that game Apex Legend. One of those loot boxes that you get. Nice spaceship. The yellow color is cool. I think it works well. Again, I was wondering why it’s not red, but not everything needs to be red. That’s really cool. The space suits. Look at that is really nice. Where did you get these mock-ups from? I like to see a bit more texture on this one.

It kind of looks like, superimposed too much on these mock-ups. You can do that in the blend mode options in Photoshop. You can actually take that down. It’s like the ‘if’ function in the blend mode, really simple hack. The next one with 119 upvotes, posted 6 months ago as well.

The Sloppy Bros

A Burger Joint logo that I did. Let me know what you think. Nice. Before I let you know what I think. I just want to thank SQUARESPACE for sponsoring this blog. Because every designer needs a website. And not every graphic designer is a web designer. Maybe you can like design an amazing website but don’t know how to develop it and code it well.

If that’s you You’re in the same boat as me. I don’t know a thing about coding website. Great thing about SQUARESPACE is you can design your own website without having to know any code at all. And it can be a website for your portfolio to show your work to the clients. It could also be a website where you sell online digital resources to any designer out there in the world and Affordable for you to have this website, to get your own domain.

Not Spend Hours Learning How To Code

If you’d like 10% off Your first purchase with Squarespace. And that is only when you actually want to pay for it. You can actually design the website for free, have a free trial and everything, then 10% off when it goes live. Go ahead and click the link down below in the description. It supports the channel and this blog series. I love burger joints.

They’re great. Don’t have many of them in the UK. I’d like to see more where I live. First impressions, love the colors. Very passionate there. You got the yellow. You’ve got the kind of coral red in the background. You see it, it’s on my face. Makes me look even redder than I’m normally the blog. Number 1, it looks like a burger, that’s great. The creativity in the lettering, super good.

I Love The Mock-Ups

It looks like the burger. It’s playful enough. I’d be interesting to know how you did this as well. I love the mock-ups here, that looks so cool. You’ve even got the menus. Look at these menus, really easy to look at menus. If you want to know if you got a good designer in a restaurant, or in a burger joint or anything. Just look at the menu. See if they’ve gone all in.

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The branding is on point that cause anything. Look at that. I love the level of detail you’ve gone in on here. You’ve used appropriate mock-ups to show how it works as well. I like this as well. You’ve got some imagery in there. Nice. The sloppy Bros works super well, the brothers there they are.

Envelope Distort And Modification

Apparently this started as a typeface called “Bouncy”, but had a lot of envelope distort and modification. I mean, it looks really good for an envelope and distort. Looks really nice. It kind of looks like, it’s being custom done by actually hand-lettered, really like it. Well done. This next one is Space and it was posted 8 months ago. 110 upvotes. Space company offers co-working office spaces for freelancers and small start-up. So co-working space.

first Impressions I love the actual logo of it. You’ve got a hidden S in there within the negative space. One thing you need to keep in mind is the kerning. Again, I’ll say this every time. There’s an issue between the P and the A If you guys can’t see it, it’s because the experience level That’s not to say anyone’s bad or anything like that. I look at type all day.

Hand Lettering Logo Design

I obsess over typography, I designed type and font, hand lettering logo design. Yeah, it’s very difficult to see. But there is a little bit of a problem with the S and P Move the S and P slightly to the right a few points. Gotham is a great typeface and I know you’re trying to be casual but I think The S needs to be…… I don’t know, capitalized. Controversial maybe. But icon looks great.

I love the fact that you got the pink and the blue in there Really functional design, but also really pleasing to the eye. I really like this one. Let’s see what the comments say. I like the colors, defo create version with maybe A black and white, just to see how well it would work. That’s a good idea. Showing a black and white version always shows the functionality.

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