If your fb account is hacked? Here’s how to recover the account

my friend fb account hacked how to recover here are some solutions

Now a days its not rare to see the posts from our friends claiming that their my friend fb account hacked how to recover. If your are facing the same issue or your facebook account is also hacked by someone. Your account is your private space in that no one has authority to login into it without your access.
Let suppose one day your eyes open and you have one notification in your phone that someone hacked your account and that someone change your password of your account it’s terrifying RIGHT!.
But don’t worry here are some steps by which you can recover your account.

There are many reasons to know your facebook account is hacked some are below.

  1. Your official account Email id and password has been changed.
  2. You can check your birth date may be changed.
  3. Your friend list may have new friends which you don’t know.
  4. Many new message are sent by your account which are not written by you.
  5. Many random creative like: images, videos poted in your account.
  6. Adverts have been made that you didn’t create.
  7. Your privacy has been changed like profile start visible to everyone.

Some common situations which everyone face for his/her facebook account that your account being compromised

When you are in your worst phrase but hacker having very strong fate he simply guess your password this is the worst scenario he can access your account. In this case chances are like he lock you out to access your own account. Now in this situation to getting your account back has a lot to do with the account, procedure is too long to get your account back.

Alot of people were unable to get their account back ever again due to some silly mistake like when facebook ask for an ID scan during the recover procedure but some are even not give correct birth date because they fill some random date at the time of account making. This make trouble for many user to not get their fb account back since they haven’t fill the details while recovering their account.

Some times it also seen that user hire a professional lawyer for several months for getting their social name back. Infact situation become worst sometimes for alot of users on facebook because they use their account for business purposes and give their debit and credit cards details to the facebook which then make them in more trouble.

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